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Other Metals

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Web Only Price $91.99
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Eclectic Earrings Made with Other Metals

Everyone loves earrings, right? You can do pretty much anything with them. You can keep it simple with a pair of studs you wear nearly all the time. You can wear a different dangling pair every day to match your outfit and other accessories. You can often find earrings that perfectly match a necklace or pendant and create a totally uniform look. With these earrings that are crafted out of "other metals," you'll be able to find the look you're after at a more affordable price.

What's great about earrings is you can vary your taste based on hair style. Long hair can be accented by bold earrings. But maybe you feel longer hair hides earrings so you go for a short cut and lots of standout earrings in your collection. We're not here to tell you what to do – we just want to make sure you find earrings you love.

We don’t think it'll be a surprise, but we've got other items in the other metals category. See if you can find a ring that matches your earrings. We've even got an "other" category that applies to watches. Maybe you'll discover you're an "other" person and find a watch you love, too. And while you're accenting your face with a sweet pair of earrings, maybe throw in a bold lip color to round out the look. We're here to make sure you look your best.