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Jazz up Your Look with Jasper Earrings

You've been hiking for an hour and finally have arrived to view one of the most picturesque landscapes you've ever seen. To your right there is a lake with rays of sun dancing along the top, straight in front of you are hills and valleys, while to your left there is a forest of trees for as far as the eye can see.

These beautiful images of nature are much like the patterns you'd find on a pair of jasper earrings. The color design on jasper often mimics landscapes or animals and the stone is named according to its appearance, where it's mined or by those who discovered it. A few examples include green jasper, ribbon jasper, zebra jasper, ocean jasper…you get the idea.

Jasper is an opaque type of chalcedony usually containing brown, yellow or reddish colors and is almost always multicolored with unique patterns. Known as the "supreme nurturer", jasper is thought to provide comfort, security, strength and healing. It can be traced back to ancient civilizations, as it was worn by shamans and kings. Egyptians also used it to bury mummified remains.

Well, it looks like it's about time to make the trek back home where you'll need to get ready for dinner with your friends. You know they are pretty excited to check out the new restaurant in town – and your new jewelry. You'll easily be able to pair your lovely jasper earrings with that cute dress, crossbody handbag and flats – you know your feet will be sore after all that walking.