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The History of Hematite (and Earrings to Go With It)

Freshen up your look with a new pair of hematite earrings. Hematite is a happenin’ gemstone with a rich history that you might not know about. Allow us to do you the honor. Shall we?

The Greek word "haimatites" meaning “blood-like” gave hematite its name because of its red powder. Red hematite is basically rust and its reddish brown or orange color happens when the high iron content interacts with oxygen and water. However when the stone is polished and smoothed, it boasts a steel grey and metallic color which is commonly used in jewelry.

To what does the planet Mars owe its distinctive red color to? Hematite. Yes, we’re being serious. Both red and grey hematite are all over the Red Planet and the reddish landscape is due to the oxidized iron found on its surface. The presence of oxidized iron which means water and oxygen were on the planet at some time. In fact, NASA’s Mars rover discovered small spheres thought to be partially or mostly made of hematite in 2004. What does all this mean?! Well, it means that Mars was once a wetter planet long, long ago.

Try sporting your new hematite earrings with a glamourous Gems en Vogue ring and a cute Kate & Mallory dress for a new look!