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Dress Up Your Look with Drusy Earrings

Take your look up a notch (or several notches if we’re being totally honest) with a chic pair of drusy earrings. Drusy gems look both radiant and ravishing as studs, hoops or drops. There’s really no “wrong” way to wear drusy. In fact, there’s also no “wrong way to spell it – as it’s sometimes referred to as “druzy” or “druse” but it’s all one in the same.

Drusy is born when tiny quartz crystals form within or on other stones. What’s that supposed to mean? Well, not to get all science-y here but, since you asked – when ground water carrying silica runs into a porous part of a rock, a fast cooling effect can happen. This causes small crystals to form on top of previously deposited gemstones or minerals, such as agate, chalcedony or agate. Cool, right?

In our humble opinion, we think drusy earrings would pair nicely with a sterling silver bracelet adorning your wrist and a gorgeously finished manicure and pedicure. Since drusy is such a sparkly and notice-me type of stone, it’ll be impossible for your friends not to notice your new earrings. Aww, we like seeing you all dressed up with your updated look from head to toe!