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Charoite Earrings? More Like Rare-oite, Am I Right?

When you think of the color purple, you probably associate it with royalty. After all, royals even have their own shade of purple named after them! Royalty is also rare in the sense that there aren't an overabundance of imperials per capita in any given city. Charoite (pronounced "SHARE-oh-ite") is one of the world's rarest purple minerals. Ergo, it's basically gem royalty.

Mined exclusively along the Chara River in Russia, it boasts a beautifully pigmented lilac purple hue that's associated with protection and healing. With its mesmerizing swirls, it's just as fun to look at as it is to wear. We're thinking tennis bracelets and polished stud earrings! Don't you agree?

Sure, you may never wear a crown. Or at least, you may never wear a crown outside of a fast food franchise's party room, but you can still survey your kingdom with poise in a bold manicure (in royal purple, of course) and your regal charoite jewelry. And by kingdom, we mean your home. Please don't attempt any annexations in honor of your right to wear purple. We've seen what happens to people who go down that road, and it ain't pretty.