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Carnelian Earrings: Cool and Colorful

Full of richness and intrigue, the carnelian is a stone your earlobes will be begging you for! Like the beauty of a sunset, the warm glow of a fire or the changing color of autumn leaves, carnelian commands attention. So, for all of you limelight seekers, it's definitely a good thing you've come to this page.

This brownish-red form of chalcedony is a popular semiprecious stone that is often cut into cabochons or beads. It's one of the oldest known gemstones, with records dating back over 4,000 years. Ancient warriors were often seen wearing the stone as a necklace for courage and strength to help ward off their enemies. Architects in Egypt wore it to show the rank of builders. This fascinating gem also has multiple biblical references.

Mainly sourced from India and South America, carnelian offers excellent hardness and durability, making it perfect for multiple types of jewelry, fashion accessories and even holiday ornaments. Just think of how pretty a dangling pair of earrings would be when you wear your favorite maxi dress. Or what about a cute hair clip for that next business meeting or a decorative ornament to display on your bookshelf in the entryway. The possibilities are endless.