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Shimmer and Shine with a Drusy Bracelet

Looking to add a little sparkle to your appearance? You've come to the right place. Why not try on a drusy bracelet and let the other pieces in your jewelry storage box get a little jealous?!

The word drusy (also spelled druzy, druse or drusies) refers to the tiny crystals that form within or on the surface of other minerals. Druzy is most commonly found on agate or chalcedony, but can form on almost any other mineral. Commonly found along rivers and shorelines, the drusy forms when water brings minerals onto a rock's surface. When the water dries up, the rock cools leaving behind these minerals that form drusy crystals on the top of the rock. No matter what mineral forms the drusy or where it is found, the end result is a shimmering beauty. Who could pass that up?

Though drusy is very fragile, it can be cut into many different shapes and is offered in a wide variety of colors via coating, painting or dying. You can even purchase a larger drusy piece to light up a dark corner in your home or office. Believed to be associated with peace, tranquility and patience, it's easy to see why this glittering gem is such a treasure.