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Simply Stunning Sterling Silver Basic Chains

You're all about that minimalist aesthetic. We understand. You keep your outfits subtle, your jewelry understated and simplistic. Our basic chains are just the thing to fit into your style. And made in always stylish sterling silver? We think they're just what you need.

The beautiful thing about sterling silver is its lustrous quality means it looks great on its own. Dare I say, on its own in a basic chain. But sterling silver can be anything from polished to brushed to oxidized. Even though your aesthetic is minimalist – you still like options. And while we're talking options, see if anything strikes your fancy among gold basic chains. Or find a pretty pendant to hang from your chain. We think your style can expand beyond basic chains, while still maintaining your signature look. But, if you feel like expanding even further, there's sterling silver necklaces here for you, too.

A sterling silver chain can be the one shimmering detail in your otherwise muted look. Pick out your best black dress or fitted blouse, straight leg pants, your favorite boots – and slip on a sterling silver chain to finish it off. Simple and stylish.