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Basic in the Best Way – Basic Chains from Steel Impact

Basic. That word gets a bad rap. You immediately think of the “basic” uniform when reading that, right? The plain white T-shirt, the straight-leg jeans, the canvas sneakers. Or the flat front chinos, the popped collar, the boat shoes. Or even on the flip side: the puffer vest, the leggings, the boots.

Sure, being basic can be cliché. It can mean common, ordinary, big deal, we’ve seen it before. But it also means staples, must-haves and essentials that your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without. Just avoid the annoyance by not wearing them all at the same time.

In terms of accessories, the most basic-est basic of them all is the basic chain. And in the hands of Steel Impact, it’s a bit of a baller, we gotta be honest. Chunky enough to make a statement but not too chunky to look gaudy, these chains are off the chain (you know we had to go there, it was unavoidable).

And when you’re pulling your entire look together, it’s the kind of chain that just works. It works with your wayfarers, it works with your diver watch, it works with your messenger bag. In other words, it works with all the other pieces in the basic handbook. So. Who’s basic now?