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Bridal & Anniversary Bridal & Anniversary

Clearance Price $189.00 - $419.00
ShopHQ Price: $260.00 - $575.00
Save: $71.00 - $156.00 (27% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $31.50 - $69.83

Clearance Jewelry Chains: Back to the Basics

An item classified as basic is sometimes an afterthought. Sometimes that means the item isn’t valued but, when talking about basic chains, the reality is quite the opposite. These “basic” items are SO essential they are taken for granted by the masses; often considered a foregone conclusion. Like placing a microwave in a college dorm room — you’d starve otherwise! — our collection of clearance basic chains offers a charming yet crucial element for your look.

The value of a basic chain is measured in its usefulness; a simple and smart chain is universal, like dark denim or a little black dress. Our selections of gold, platinum or sterling silver chains are perfectly suited for a multitude of activities where other jewelry would be a hitch. A perfect fashionable fix for your workout, picking up toys around the house or frantically bustling from the office to your local watering hole for happy hour, these affordable chains are sleek and flexible in any element, with a price tag that won’t have you stressed over whether it is vulnerable to the rigors of your day-to-day life. These clearance chains can handle whatever you throw at them and still make you look great!

So whether you’re looking for a demure basic chain that is still attractive or gifting to someone who puts their jewelry accessories through the ringer, you’ve found the right place. Basic isn’t a bad word.