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Weekend Deal $499.00 - $599.00
ShopHQ Price: $655.00 - $755.00
Save: $156.00 (24% off - 21% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $83.17 - $99.83
ShopHQ Price $169.99
or 6 ValuePay : $28.33
Web Only Price $101.19
ShopHQ Price: $143.00
Save: $41.81 (29% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $16.87
Sale Price $219.99 - $269.99
ShopHQ Price: $249.99 - $299.99
Save: $30.00 (12% off - 10% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $36.67 - $45.00
Preferred Price $129.99
ShopHQ Price: $149.99
Save: $20.00 (13% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $21.67

Game-changing Tablet Technology that will also Change Your Life

A tablet embodies everything we love: convenience, sleek design and, of course, technology. How many times have you been bored at the airport, hungry for answers to your spontaneous questions or even just feeling like you want to connect with your friends while you’re on-the-move? You could always pull out your smartphone, but a tablet will give you a bigger picture – all the better to watch movies on - and generally packs a better processor and larger amounts of storage.

Let’s take a moment to indulge in the thought of you picking up a new tablet. You’d carefully slip it out of your work bag at the office to make a video call to your best friend (instead of working on those spreadsheets), plop down on your sofa after a super long day or even plug in your headphones to watch a movie on the plane. These are all situations we feel pretty confident you’ll enjoy taking advantage of. I like to find a dimly lit room, cozy up with a blanket and watch viral videos on my tablet – but feel free to do your own thing!