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About the Collection
Engage adventure head-on and take to the skies in style with AVI-8 Timepieces - timepieces honoring airmen and history's most iconic aircraft. Inspired by everything from the watches worn by WWII pilots to the cockpit gauges in American and British fighter planes, each dial tells a unique story through the details of its design.

Drew DetersAbout the Guest
Drew Deters, designer for AVI-8, first entered into the watch industry 5 years ago with his best friend from college. Before that, he was a professional cyclist and VP of a global asset management firm. He gained his appreciation for military aircraft from both of his grandparents. During WWII, his grandmother, Lt. Marilyn Haglund, flew more than 300 air evacuations to and from battlefields as a nurse. Drew's grandfather, Robert Lane, a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, served in both WWII and the Korean War. During their wedding, Robert's pals flew over the church, unloading rice from their planes.

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AVI-8 Watches

The greatest watch brands of today look to the classics for mastery of technique and inspiration in the design. This is especially true of AVI-8, whose wrist watches personify the plights and adventures of the 20th Century man. Inspired by classic aircrafts and the aviators of years past, AVI-8 watches aspire to honor their stories and legacy in every detail and design.

The Hawker Harrier watch is a rugged collection of pieces inspired by the turbine intake and cockpit instruments of this formidable fighter aircraft. The Hawker Hunter characterizes the single-seat jet-propelled fighter used in the 1950s; the first high-speed jet aircraft armed with radar and fully powered flight controls. The Flyboy, a term to describe air force pilots across the globe, is a casual style timepiece stuffed with the same sense of confidence, swagger, and bravado as our boys in flight. In these and other AVI-8 collections, each precision cut stainless steel case features a stamp on the back with an image of the aircraft it takes after. Each timepiece also boasts unique dial layouts and a quirky second hand shaped like an airplane silhouette.

These retro designs bring more than good looks, as AVI-8 makes watches that come equipped with sturdy bands, water-resistant features, and a warranty. Their quality quartz and automatic movements are crafted using reliable Japanese and Swiss parts, situated with genuine leather straps and fine metal bracelets. At ShopHQ, you'll find numerous handsome and historically rich AVI-8 designs. For original accessories that marry adventure and legacy, shop for exclusive styled AVI-8 watches today.