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About the Collection
Transport yourself to historic Tuscany with Toscana Italiana jewelry. This collection combines the beauty of Italian craftsmanship with traditional style. Set in platinum or 18K gold over bronze, each piece tells its own story with intricate metalwork and genuine gemstones at an affordable price. From beautiful hammered finishes to filigree detailed silhouettes, Toscana Italiana highlights boldness, mystery, passion and heritage in an assortment that's only available at ShopHQ.

Toscana Italiana
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Albany IrvinAbout the Guest
Albany Irvin is a familiar face in the digital commerce world with years of experience selling products on-camera. She has a passion for bringing high style to everyone at an affordable price and specializes in bringing trend-right looks to the modern woman. Inspired by her travels to Italy and years of promoting Italian-made jewelry, Albany truly appreciates Italian craftsmanship and loves to share her experience with her viewers.

Web Only Price $98.70
ShopHQ Price: $185.00
Save: $86.30 (47% off)
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Web Only Price $181.99
ShopHQ Price: $354.00
Save: $172.01 (49% off)
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Web Only Price $99.99
ShopHQ Price: $147.00
Save: $47.01 (32% off)
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Web Only Price $69.99
ShopHQ Price: $104.00
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Sale Price $145.86
ShopHQ Price: $204.00
Save: $58.14 (28% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $24.31

Toscana Italiana Pendants – A Renaissance of Beauty

Recognized for honoring traditions and greatly influencing the realms of art and high culture, the central region of Italy known as Tuscany is also the origin of the Toscana Italiana jewelry collection. Combining the beauty of Italian craftsmanship and traditional style, all Toscana Italian pieces are set in 925 sterling silver and tell their own story. The intricate metalwork of hammered finishes and genuine gemstones highlighting boldness, mystery and passion are a hierarchy of heritage. And nothing speaks to this commitment to craftsmanship more than Toscana Italiana pendants.

Some say if you clasp your Toscana Italiana pendant and close your eyes, you will transport yourself back in time to the Italian Renaissance. Bustling streets filled with many influential vendors and figures in the history of art and design – the birthplace of Toscana Italiana jewelry. Of course, your Toscana Italiana pendant, along with their rings, earrings and bracelets, are all new. But, this is where the influence came from.

A popular tourist destination, Tuscany, Italy boasts beautiful, rolling landscapes. The beauty of which inform the designs featured within the Toscana Italiana collection, giving you a refreshed style as sweet as the wine produced in those legendary Tuscan vineyards.