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About the Collection
Discover one of the world’s most iconic Italian luxury brands with Gucci – a prestigious collection of Swiss made watches, fine jewelry and luxury eyewear embodying the high fashion, Italian style and traditional craftsmanship for which Gucci is known. Founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, Gucci has been a destination for the world’s most discerning men and women, representing an inimitable combination of opulence, high artisanry and contemporary glamour. Experience the prestige, heritage and quality of Gucci luxury timepieces, fine jewelry and eyewear.

Live luxuriously

Erin ClarksonAbout the Guest
Erin Clarkson is a luxury watch and jewelry expert with more than a decade of product management experience. A global traveler who has sourced watches from all over the world, Erin brings her unique perspective to EVINE Live as she presents Gucci luxury timepieces and fine jewelry.

Maria Delgado
Our current guest host for Gucci luxury sunglasses, Maria Delgado brings more than 30 years of experience in the luxury accessories category. In addition to her television appearances, she has leveraged her passion for fashion and luxury through collaborations with multiple fine jewelry manufacturers. Outside of work, Maria is active in philanthropic endeavors and enjoys golf, scuba diving, skiing and other outdoor activities in addition to being a wife and mother of two children.

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Don a Decadent Gucci Necklace

As you sashay into the room, you want all eyes to be on you. You’ve curated a beautiful ensemble, complete with a sophisticated pair of designer pumps. You embody style, grace and class, and you want that to be known from the moment that you step those heavenly heels into the party. But those shoes won’t be the first thing they notice – it’s the jewelry, darling. Your necklace, in particular, since its closest to your glowing face. That being said, you’ll need a stunning one that shimmers and shines with your every move and simply exudes confidence. For that reason, we suggest you start with Gucci.

Take a glance at our luxurious selection of Gucci designer pieces to find a pretty, polished piece you adore. Once you’ve found the perfect glamorous neck accessory, you’ll want to be sure to bolster your look with a unique ring, a bold bracelet and a lovely pair of earrings. Looking this fabulous isn’t easy, but you just so happen to pull it off. Go mingle and socialize in style – oh, and don’t be alarmed if you notice a few envious glances floating your way, that’s’ completely normal when you flaunt opulent, statement-making jewelry like this!