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Dine Spirit

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Dine Spirit

About the Collection
Discover the artistry of the Navajo people with Diné Spirit - a jewelry collection that embodies the true Native American spirit. Handmade in the Southwest and crafted in sterling silver with American turquoise and other fine genuine gemstones, each piece is an individual work of art.

The Navajo people, or Diné as they call themselves, have a rich history in creating beautifully ornate and artistic jewelry. Combining modern techniques with traditional Navajo silversmithing methods, the collection transcends beauty. Common to the Navajo, each piece is meticulously created one-at-a-time in the homes of skilled artisans, with the artist's name engraved on every item.

Diné Spirit is adorned with a variety of Southwestern details, including complex engravings, scrollwork, floral shapes, oxidation and more. Genuine gemstones native to the Southwest take center stage in each design, bringing color and personality to the pieces.

Veronica YellowhorseAbout the Guest
Brenda Baca has been in the jewelry biz for over a decade, honing a special eye for quality, Native American pieces. Having worked first hand with the silversmiths and artisans of Diné Spirit, and being an designer herself, she truly appreciates and understands the skill and talent required to craft this stunning collection.

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