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About the Collection
The Beverly Hills Elegance® Collection includes jewelry designs that capture all the glamour and glitz of the red carpet for very reasonable prices. Each piece is selected with first-class quality in mind, featuring an assortment of fine 14K and 18K gold, sparkling diamonds and vibrant, handset gemstones.

Many of the luxury pieces in this collection are created with patented design processes and the finest materials, and they feature specialty cut stones and hand-sculpted detailing. It's all part of the attention to detail that makes Beverly Hills Elegance truly excellent.

Ido LevanonAbout the Guest
Beverly Hills Elegance Collection TV guest Ido Levanon has been working with beautiful jewelry for more than 25 years. His creative, entrepreneurial and technological skills have made his product line a leader in the jewelry industry. Ido's objective is to find and create the finest jewelry styles adored by celebrities and offer them to the general public for reasonable prices.

Ido works very closely with a team of designers and merchandisers to create a collection of interesting, one-of-a-kind jewelry, as well as up-to-date, fashion-forward pieces you'll love to show off!

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Sale Price $879.99
ShopHQ Price: $1,380.00
Save: $500.01 (36% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $146.67

Find Perfect Elegance with Beverly Hills Necklaces

Have you always wanted the neckline of an A-list celebrity? Bedazzled in gemstones and diamonds, walking an exclusive red carpet event while paparazzi snap photos and shout your name? Who hasn’t daydreamed about a luxurious and decadent lifestyle reminiscent of the rich and famous? Well, now you can bring a little slice of that glitz and glam into your collection with the exclusive and enchanting jewelry collection from Beverly Hills Elegance. They’ll make you look like an A-lister even if you don’t spend your days sunbathing and sashaying between celebrity soirees.

Beverly Hills Elegance has earned a reputation as an industry leader, due to its particular obsession with detail. That means no detail is too small and no design element too ambitious to avoid the careful consideration of the Beverly Hills Elegance team. With specialty cut stones and hand-sculpted detail, you’ll appreciate this focus and attention right away. And so will everyone who experiences your dazzling new necklace.

With more than 20 unique necklace designs, all boasting wonderful diamond gemstone settings and beautiful 14K or 18K gold, the Beverly Hills Elegance team has created a line of necklaces that are just as unique as you are. With prices and designs that appeal to every budget and aesthetic, you’ll find that special something you’re seeking.