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About the Collection:
Artisan Jewelry by renowned designer Samuel Behnam is comprised of designs inspired by nature, history and art from around the world. Many designs feature lavishly detailed hand-engraving, carvings and settings, and glow with 18K gold accents, quality gemstones and diamonds.

After Samuel creates the designs for each piece, they are crafted by trained jewelry artisans in Bali, India, Hong Kong and Thailand. Each item is a unique heirloom to be treasured and worn as a work of art. Create your own unique look with the timeless presence of designer sterling silver jewelry.

Samuel BehnamAbout the Guest
Award-winning designer Samuel Behnam, creator of Artisan Jewelry by Samuel B, brings more than 30 years of art and jewelry experience to his collection. He draws inspiration from his love of art and decades of extensive travels around the world. In addition to maintaining centuries-old design techniques, Samuel's focus is to combine the highest quality materials with unparalled craftsmanship.

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Accent Your Outfit with an Amber Ring

If you like history or really cool stuff for that matter, you’ll love wearing an amber ring! Amber has a rather interesting past and is truly quite the gem. See what we did there? In fact, for thousands of years people have been using amber for jewelry. The ancient Germans even burned amber as incense and clear, colorless amber was used to make rosary beads during the Middle Ages. Fancy that.

Amber originates from fossilized resin from prehistoric plants (hello, coniferous trees!) and varies in color from dark browns to light yellows. Some gems even feature inclusions - meaning that sometimes bits of leaves, wood and insect bodies are trapped in the resin. It’s very rare but more than more than 1,000 extinct insect species have been found in amber. Kind of like what you see in dinosaur movies. Cool, right?

We think a big-and-bold amber ring will make your outfit standout. Pair this accessory with a simple bangle bracelet and wedges for a charming look. Also, be sure to wear your amber cabochon ring carefully as this gem can scratch easily. And lastly, don’t feel ambivilous about sporting an amber ring! Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. Anyways, you’ll look amazing.

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