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Snow Fox Skincare

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Snow Fox Skincare

About the Collection
Snow Fox was originally developed for sensitive skin, so their formulas perform without using potentially irritating chemicals. After more than two years of research and development, they found that a combination of traditional Eastern herbal concepts and new proprietary technology in dermal science yielded the best of both worlds: Clean Potency.

They first launched and sourced locally in Australia (where their founder is from), but their key ingredients are now from all over the world, especially the East. They source wild harvest herbs from Northern Chiang Rai in our supplements, from local tribal communities. The Cherry Blossoms in their Smoothing Mask are a specially chosen, centuries old species that come directly from Japan's orchards. The Olive Fruit Glycolipids are a new skincare discovery and are from laboratories in Europe. The list continues, but each and every ingredient in any Snow Fox Skincare product have been carefully hand picked and are supported by history and science.

Snow FoxAbout the Expert
A Quote from Phoebe Song:
"I have a chronic skin condition called Inflammatory Rosacea. It's a type of Rosacea that goes beyond redness to include blemishes, swelling, flaking and scarring. It also makes me hypersensitive to certain chemicals commonly found in beauty products, which can trigger painful flare ups. Having a visible condition severely affected my self-esteem, but it served as a powerful driving force to the creation and success of Snow Fox Skincare today. It took more than two years to finalize our base formula. Finally, we discovered that a blend of traditional Eastern concepts and a new proprietary tech perfected the balance between gentle and active. Since then, I've become living proof that a high performance, clean skincare system can yield potent results yet still be sensitive skin friendly."

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