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About the Collection
Ionopure™ has a mission to improve quality of life by making our environments cleaner and safer with organic cleaning solutions and products. They are excited to introduce ionopure by Ionogen. Their patented technology is centered on a delivery system of organic solutions that create efficient ways to clean without toxic chemicals or harmful residue. Powered by “nature’s cleaner”, their cleaning technology relies on a unique organic salter water solution that has been used for almost 150 years in immune supporting environments. These portable, easy-to-use tools will help you and your loved ones safely eliminate bacteria and germs in the air and surfaces around you making for a cleaner and safer tomorrow.

John Shanahan

About the Experts
John Shanahan is a biomedical engineer that has spent a lifetime creating products that keep people safe naturally. In his newest venture as Founder and CEO of Ionogen, John has developed non-toxic and chemical free cleaning solutions to improve health and provide greater safety to consumers in home and business settings.

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