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Two hearts.

Bronze links inspire, uplift, and celebrate all who wear these striking links, no matter where they've come from or where they're going. Be inspired to conquer the next plot twist. By expressing ourselves with authenticity, we can accept ourselves with compassion event when everything is in a constant state of Flow. We are unstoppable.


  • This handcrafted solid bronze double link makes it possible to create and design our own unique bracelet, necklace, or earring.
  • Our signature X Links are made of high quality bronze- resilient and striking, and the perfect representation of you.
  • Designed by our talented team of Danish Artisans: Kim Buck, Mette Saabye, Tomas Cenius, Lone Lovschal, Kare Frandsen, Nicolas Aagaard, Jytte Klove, Soren Nielsen, Lise Aagaard, Kristian Krysfeldt, and Lars Sogaard.
  • Modelled on the classic anchor chain, a symbol of strength, X Jewellery is always a statement piece- like a self-portrait for your wrist. Each composable piece of jewellery is comprised of a stunning set of handcrafted links that are chosen by you to tell your unique story.


  • Material Content: Bronze
  • Manufacturing Process: Hand Crafted
  • Length: 1in.
  • Width: 4/8in.
  • Height: 1/8in.
  • Chain Type: Link
  • Country of Origin: Denmark

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Product Disclaimer

About the Collection
X Jewellery is a Danish contemporary fashion jewelry brand that offers high-quality pieces crafted in sterling silver, bronze, and rubber. Our strength is found in a composable concept - where our customers get the possibility to create, change, and re-arrange individual artisan-made links inspired by their unique style.

Albany Irvin