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The name Visconti has been always synonymous with luxury, for the first time in its history Visconti with the Millionaire project introduced the marble as material for pen manufacture. Marble is one of the most luxurious materials in the world, both as decorative and functional element, symbolizing pure beauty, opulence and abundance.

Marble, known as the "gleaming stone", had never been used to make writing instruments before Visconti, on account both of the difficulties inherent in working with it and of its intrinsic fragility. With the assistance of the skilled artisans with whom it has the privilege to work, Visconti has succeeded in grinding marble to an infinitesimal thickness and at the same time it has brilliantly resolved the problem of the material's fragility thanks to the advanced technology developed in its workshop. Millionaire's cap and barrel are both made of marble carved out of a slab 3 cm. thick. We have chosen four types of marble whose specifications are best suited to the manufacture of pens: Portoro Black; Issoire Green from the Alps; Valencia Cream; and Rain Forest Brown. All parts servicing and supporting the marble are made of resin and turned on the lathe from full bars, as always.

Pen Details

  • Material: Marble 
  • Metal: Palladium-plated or gold-plated
  • Filling System: Rollerball refill A40 
  • Length: 5.5in.
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Limited Edition Count: 988
  • Country of Origin: Italy


  • Vendor Warranty Terms: One year limited warranty. Please contact 718-663-3987.

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Product Disclaimer

Supplier Model #: 685RL03

Manufacturer Part Number: