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To tackle tough cleaning problems you need tough cleaning products. Use the power of science to make cleaning easier with Stainz-R-Out! There's no need to have different products for different surfaces. Now, one product can remove almost all stubborn stains from counters, tile, carpet, fabric, concrete and more. Use it as a full-strength concentrate for tough, set-in stains or dilute it for water-based stains and remove lipstick, ink, oil, tar or permanent marker.

You can even use it with your regular detergent as a laundry booster! Stainz, you are out! with Stainz-R-Out.

Stainz-R-Out Multi Purpose Stain Remover Essentials

  • Works on many different surfaces
  • Works on many different stains
  • Versatile
  • Use it in the kitchen, bathrooms, on floors or counters and more
  • One parts concentrate to 10 parts water
  • Made in the USA


  • Four 16 oz bottles

Please Note: Harmful if swallowed. Eye and skin irritant. See cautions on product label. For skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.