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For every stain there is a science for how to remove it. To tackle tough cleaning problems you need tough cleaning products. Stainz-R-Out is that product.

Effectively removes grease, food build-up, dirt, and grime on Vinyl, Hardwood, and tile flooring as well as trim, grills, toilets, pans/pots and glass dishes.

Simply drop degreaser drops into a sink filled with 2 gallons of hot water and let the proprietary blend of enzymes to help release the cooking residue from dirty pots, pans and casserole dishes. Use 1 drop in 2 gallons of water in a bucket for sponge/mop use, great for spots on floors and trim.

Stainz-R-Out Degreaser Essentials

  • Fast-acting
  • East to use
  • No measuring
  • Cleans & deodorizes
  • Leaves surface film free
  • Safely soaks your items instead of scratching them
  • Made the USA

What's Included

  • 18 degreasing tablets

Please note: Each drop is equal to about 1 tablespoon.

Customer Service

  • For product questions or concerns, please call 1-888-877-0490.