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Sure, old school scooters are fun, but constantly kick-pedaling is not. Bikes, meh - too much work and everyone is doing that these days. Oh? You bike to the coffee shop? Cool!....yawn. E-scooters are where it's at! Travel up to 15 miles on a single charge. That's plenty of time to hit up happy hour down the road or to grab a burrito to-go from your favorite local taco place.

Electric Scooter Details

  • Estimated battery life: up to 15 miles (depending on environment, load)
  • Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours
  • Connect your Android (v4.3+) or Apple&reg: (iOS 8+) smart device

Electric Scooter Features

  • The Segway ES2 Kick Scooter can reach to 15 mph (25Km/H), travel up to 15 miles (25 km) and accommodate a max load of 220 lbs. (100 kg).
  • Lightweight & Foldable: With a total weight of 27.6 lbs (12.5 kg) and the one-click folding system, the Segway ES2 Kick Scooter can be carried with one hand, making it the perfect lightweight travel companion.
  • Comfortable Riding: Front and rear wheel shock absorbers equipped with large solid tires provide maximum rider comfort. The mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system ensures an efficient, responsive braking distance of just 13.1ft.
  • Segway ES2 Kick Scooter features an LED display, Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, customizable ambient light colors, mobile app connectivity for additional security and firmware updates, and more.


  • E-scooter
  • AC adapter
  • Hex-key
  • Hardware

Warranty: Limited one-year warranty provided by Segway. Please call: 1-866-473-4929.


  • The product has high power and children are to be supervised at all times. It is not recommended for children under 13.
  • Users should wear a helmet* and other protective gear (such as wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads). In some places, children younger than 18 are required by law to wear helmets.
  • This innovative new form of transportation is not a toy and carries potential risk.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces, potholes, surface cracks and obstacles. Smooth surfaces are safer.
  • Always ride at a safe speed, maintaining full control over the scooter at all times.
  • Use proper footwear when riding such as closed toed shoes with rubber soles.
  • Riding at dusk or after dark can be dangerous. It is safer to ride during the day.
  • Do not misuse.

* A certified helmet suitable for skateboarding that covers the back of the head is suggested. A bicycle helmet is not usually sufficient.