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Experience the world of Virtual Reality using your smartphone and the ReTrak Arcadia 360° headset. This ultra compatible headset works with virtually (pun intended) all major brands and standard sized smartphones.

Simply powered by your smartphone, this headset features a dual adjustable focus and lucidview lenses to help reduce glare. With a full 360° experience, the Arcadia has nearly limitless possibilities with hundreds of free apps available through the Google Play and iOS stores. It even has built-in headphones so you don't have to connect and fumble with your own.

Enter a world just beyond your imagination with the Acradia 360° from ReTrak.

Virtual Reality Headset Features

  • Built-in action button
  • Ultra compatible -works with most smartphones
  • Dual adjustable focus
  • Lucidview lens system reduces glare
  • Powered by your device - no batteries needed
  • Built-in headphones with volume control
  • Ventilated form-fit cushion
  • AR compatible - use with augmented reality apps
  • Full 360° experience - seamless vision from any angle
  • Made in China


  • ReTrak Arcadia 360° Virtual Reality Headset (x2)
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth (x2)
  • User Guide (x2)


  • 7-1/4"L x 8-1/2"W x 4-1/4"H
  • 0.92 lbs

Please Note: Your smartphone must have a gyroscope to make use of this device. If you start feeling nauseous, start getting a headache, or feel disoriented, make sure to stop and take a break. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Make sure you are not near other people, furniture, objects, or in a location where you could fall. Please start by using the headset for a few minutes at a time, and gradually build up as you get used to experiencing virtual reality. VR 3D viewing for extended periods can cause temporary eye strain, discomfort, dizziness or headaches. If you experience these symptoms, remove the VR viewer and rest your eyes. If you have epilepsy or have had seizures or other unusual reactions to flashing lights or patterns, consult a physician before playing video games, or watching videos.