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Whether a professional makeup artist or an at-home makeup enthusiast, Ready To Wear's two piece Face Brush Set has you covered. Perfect for anyone who wants to create a perfect finish, contour, and beautify with color - all without limits! Use for precise and professional application for a polished and fresh face. Each brush is numbered so they are easily identifiable, allowing you to choose the right brush for the job you want done. You'll become your own makeup artist!

Ready To Wear's Face Brush Set is a combination of function, ease, quality, and value.

Brush Set Includes

  • 01 - Large Powder Brush - full head, very soft fibers, perfect for all over powder or bronzer application. Also used for blending out blushes.
  • 02 - Angled Contour Brush - perfect angle to help define cheekbones and jawlines, but also excellent for more precise blush or bronzer application.

Brush Set Benefits

  • If a vibrant, polished face is what you're after, Ready To Wear's Two-Piece Face Brush Set is your means to a beautiful end
  • High-quality synthetic brushes are more hygienic, unlike some natural-hair brushes
  • New technology creates a superior brush, allowing synthetic bristles to mimic the advantages of natural hair
  • Easier to clean and stays clean longer. Doesn't require special cleaners, conditioners, or as much drying time
  • Suitable for wet/dry application
  • Durable synthetic bristles retain their soft texture, better for sensitive areas such as eye area. Also, brushes are less likely to tug and poke the skin, avoiding bumps, or watery eyes
  • In short, control in manufacturing allows for the perfect fiber needed for better performance and application. Designed with you in mind, this kit includes every brush you need to create a complete makeup look.
  • Made in China