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These disposable KN95 masks have been tested in a U.S. based laboratory. Featuring anti-fraud labels and 5 layers, these masks are designed to help protect you from dust and particulates.

How to Use

  • Open the mask
  • Place the bridge of the nose on it and place ear loops around ear
  • Press the bridge of the nose to close it
  • Ensure chin is covered

Face Mask Benefits

  • Tested in a U.S. based laboratory
  • Disposable
  • FDA authorized “Respirator” mask - designed for and used by medical professionals
  • Important for high-traffic environments  
  • There is an anti-counterfeit QR code serial numbers to confirm authenticity 
  • Features Anti-Fraud Label: Every pouch bears this label. The coating can be scraped off to reveal a serial number that can be checked against the factory database for authenticity directly on the manufacturer website
  • 5 layers for 95% or greater filtration
  • Secure fit and added comfort - nose seal and elastic ear loops
  • Designed to protect you from dust, particulates, pollen and more
  • Perfect for work, public transportation, shopping, parks and more
  • Highly placed flat elastic ear loops - added comfort
  • Size: 7" x 3.75"
  • Material:
  • Outer Layer: PP Non-woven fabric
  • Middle Layers: ES hot air cotton, Non-woven fabric and efficiency electrostatic melt-brown fabric. Please note that these 3 layers may appear meshed together.
  • Inner Layer: PP Non-woven fabric
  • Made in China

Please note: Please note the date listed on the packaging follows this format: Day/Month/Year. If packaging is misplaced, please date back 6 months from your order date for the manufacturing date. 

This face mask may not be effective in preventing the spread, transmission, and contracting of any particular illness including COVID-19. IF YOU FEEL UNWELL OR DIZZY IMMEDIATELY REMOVE MASK AND CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Misuse may result in sickness or death. Keep out of reach of children and supervise children under the age of (18) at all times if the minor is wearing the mask. Do not allow the wearer to place this item in her/his mouth at any time. No child or minor should ever be left unattended with any of these item, as small parts may become loose and pose a choking hazard. Use mask immediately after opening, do not use if package has been contaminated or damaged, do not place a used mask in packaging, not recommended while sleeping. Storage conditions 50-104F relative humidity below 85%.