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Pettura is a range of veterinarian-formulated liquid supplements for dogs. Dogs are an important part of our families and we care for them like a family member. Unfortunately, they can't tell you when they are in discomfort; have a toothache, a bit stressed or feeling a little under the weather. Nutrition is so important for your dog and while a good diet is a great starting point, supplements help bridge the gap to ensure optimum health and wellbeing.

  • Pettura Calming Liquid Pet Supplement Bottle - 4 oz
  • Pettura Calming Sample Packet

Check out the Ingredients Label for more information.

  • Pre-measured dose pump
  • Liquid Formula
  • 76% reported that Pettura calming supplements worked in less than 20 minutes based on a 120 participant consumer study

How to Use: Shake well before use. Simply add to food or on a treat. Number of pumps required per use will vary depending on your dog's weight. Use as needed, prior or during, stressful events.

Please Note:For dog consumption only. For use in adult dogs. Not intended for use by pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding.

Made in the USA.