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Protect your Galaxy Series tablet's screen against scratches, smears, fingerprints, dust and dirt. Each screen protector in this set of three offers a tough, durable, transparent surface to keep your tablet screen clean and unscratched. The product attaches smoothly with a self-adhering surface and leaves no residue when removed.

  • TAB-3-10.1
  • TAB-3-8.0
  • TAB-3-7.0
  • NOTE-2014-10.1
  • NOTE-10.1
  • NOTE-8.0
  • TAB-2-10.1
  • TAB-2-7.0
  • TAB-10.1
  • TAB-S10.5-T800
  • NOTE-PRO12.2-P900
  • TAB-PRO12.2-T900
  • TAB-4-T530
  • TAB-4-T330
  • TAB-4-T230

What's Included
  • Set of Three Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Series Tablets

Made in China