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Medic Therapeutics' Total Body Workout System features three integrated workout trainings: strength, cardio, and toning. It has three training levels and springs for back stretching assistance. Easy to use and foldable for easy storage, this system features a safe design and comfortable support. Two resistance bands are included for strength training.


  • Medic Therapeutics Total Body Workout System
  • 2 Resistance Bands
  • Manual -View manual here


  • Ideal for exercising different parts of your body, burning calories, muscle building and building up good body shape at home or office.
  • This all in one exercise equipment make it possible to do Sit Up, Push Up, Scissors Kick, Triceps Extension, Pectoral Extension, Shoulder Press, Arm Curls, Biceps Curl and Lunges with only one exercise equipment.
  • The total body workout system comes with easy-to-read set up directions and can hold up to 330 lbs. making it ideal for all users in your household.
  • The total home workout system can be used sitting or standing. With the included head rest and resistance bands, users can go at their own pace and increase resistance as they progress.
  • The total workout system comes with everything you need to jump start your at-home workout routine including resistance bands. Weighing only 20 lbs., it can easily be moved from room to room.
  • Used for lateral abdominal muscle exercise-training the anterior/lateral abdominal muscles or combining all abdominal muscles in one exercise, full body fitness The machine has an innovative, ergonomic and stable design.
  • This amazing exercise machine is designed to brighten your whole body (especially the core area) for 5 minutes a day. It has a variety of uses such as sit-ups, push-ups, waist rotation, leg elevation, full-body stretching exercises and so on
  • This is an efficient body and abdomen absorption toning machine, fast folding system, can be easily and compactly stored in a few seconds.
  • 3 integrated workout Trainings:
  • 1. Strength
  • 2. Cardio
  • 3. Toning
  • 3 Training Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Springs for Back Stretching Assistance of up to 230 degrees
  • Total Body Support Including Head
  • Foldable for Easy Storage
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe Design
  • Comfortable Support
  • Swivel System Seat for Oblique Workout
  • 6 Foam padded Rollers for Support and Comfort
  • Includes two Resistance Bands for Strength Training
  • Ideal Seat Height Makes it Easy to Sit Down and Get up
  • Weight Capacity of 330lbs
  • Length: 41 in.
  • Width: 23 in.
  • Height: 34 in.
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Country of Origin: China

Disclaimer: This Prop 65 warning Label is affixed to this product as a precautionary measure. CAUTION: Elderly or vulnerable people should consult their doctor before using the device, even if there is no specific precondition for your health. if you experience pain or any abnormal sensations when using the device, stop use immediately and consult your doctor. Use the device on a flat surface. Store in a cool, dry place after use. People with disabilities should not use this device without adult supervision. To avoid accidents or injuries, do not allow children or pets to get on the device. Device should not be used by more than two people at a time.

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Pre-Workout Warm-ups

The traditional view of stretching before workouts has changed over the years. It is no longer believed absolutely necessary to stretch all of the major muscle groups before a workout. Instead, concentrate specifically on the muscles that will be working out during your training session. The paradigm shift lies in the way we view our warm up. Instead of stretching tight muscles, we are encouraged to gently warm them with a light exercise which slowly yet effectively engages muscles and tendons.

Most experts agree that a muscle warm up specific to the areas that you are going to target during your exercise routine is the goal, but a basic heart rate raising activity is effective, too. Choose some form of cardiovascular exercise to engage in for at least 10 minutes.

  • jumping jacks
  • a light jog
  • walking
  • biking
  • jump rope
  • Another option is to simply just choose a lower intensity version of your workout to target a specific muscle area. The goal is to increase joint lubrication, blood flow and muscle temperature so that the muscles are able to stretch and function optimally. Once you choose the activity according to your workout, do several light repetitions of the exercise or activity.

    For example, if you're going to run, start out with a walk or light jog. If you're going weight train your arms or legs, choose light exercise of the area that engages those muscle groups. Once you have completed your 10-minute warm up, you can progress to light stretching or commence your workout routine.

    Upper Body
    Shoulder Circles: Rotate shoulders one at a time toward the front. Repeat both sides with shoulders rotating back.

    Arm Circles: Standing with arms extended to the sides, circle them at shoulder height. Start with 10 each front and back. Create large and small circles for different sets.

    Wall Push-ups: Place hands on a wall shoulder width apart and legs together. Keep your body straight as you bend your elbows. Continue until your nose almost touches the wall and repeat. You can increase the intensity by placing your feet farther away from the wall. This exercise puts less pressure on the arms than a usual push up, yet is successful at engaging the back, chest and arm muscles.

    Tricep Dips: Find a stable bench chair and position your hands with palms side down about shoulder length apart. Slowly bend at your elbows and lower yourself down until you arms are at a 90-degree angle. Always keep a little bend in your elbows.

    Bicep Curls (with light weights): Begin with feet about hip width apart. Hold light weights or soup cans in front of you with elbows bent and waist high. Bring weight toward the shoulders. When you lower the weights, keep a slight bend in the elbows. Repeat 1-3 sets of reps.

    Lower Body:
    Walking: Still touted as one of the best exercises you can do, it's also one of the easiest and most relaxing. Use it for a warm-up for any fitness routine.

    Squats: Imagine getting up and sitting down in a chair. First use a chair to simulate the motion of getting up and sitting down. Don't sit all of the way, just tap your bottom. Eventually you can perform squats using the same motion, without the chair.

    Easy Chair Leg Lifts: Sit in a chair with legs positioned just slightly apart. Bend the knee and lift the leg up. Exhale as you lift. Inhale as you return to the starting point with your both feet on the floor. Perform this exercise by alternating legs.

    Wall-sits: While leaning against a wall, bend your legs at a right angle like you are sitting in a chair. Keep your abs contracted while holding the position for 20-60 seconds. Stand up take a short break as needed and then repeat.

    About the Collection
    Medic Therapeutics offers a comprehensive line of wellness products. All of our products emphasize high-quality standards designed for Staying Healthy & Living Well.

    Following a best practice protocol, all of our chemical-free products are designed and crafted to positively impact your environment for optimum health and safety. Medic Therapeutics is here for a mindful reentry into public life. Our portable, easy to use tools and accessories are designed to reduce risk to yourself and others in a streamlined, hassle-free way. We are going the distance now for a safer, more connected tomorrow.