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Perfect for the busy woman, this bag features 4 interior pockets; 1 water bottle pocket, 1 cell phone pocket, 1 flat pocket and 1 full size zipper pocket. The exterior zipper pocket and and magnetic snap pocket gives you easy easy access to your phone and keys! A removable crossbody strap allows you to quickly adjust this bag to fit easily over a coat, while the shoulder strap attaches with swivel lobster claws to help prevent tangling when you are wearing it.

Handbag Storage

  • Exterior Pocketing: 2

Handbag Details

  • care bag/ Crossbody strap
  • Silhouette: Satchel
  • Length: 9in.
  • Width: 5in.
  • Height: 11in.
  • Closure Type: Magnetic Snap
  • Exterior Detail:
  • BLACK: Coated Linen Canvas & Leather
  • BLUE: wool/poly & leather
  • CREAM: Coated Linen Canvas & Leather
  • RED: wool/poly & leather
  • TAUPE: wool/poly & leather
  • Exterior Texture:
  • BLACK: Coated Linen Canvas & Leather
  • BLUE: wool/poly & leather
  • CREAM: Coated Linen Canvas & Leather
  • RED: wool/poly & leather
  • TAUPE: wool/poly & leather
  • Lining Fabric: J.W.Hulme Logo Jacquard
  • Hardware: yes
  • Handle Length: 51in.
  • Handle Drop: 26in.
  • Weight: 2lbs.
  • Care Instructions: Wool Poly Bags: Store in a cool dry area away from direct light. Use a very delicate leather cream. Gently apply with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion, let cream sit for 30 minutes and then wipe of excess with a clean microfiber cloth.Linen Canvas: Use a dry, soft-bristled brush, such as an old toothbrush, to brush off any loose dirt on the canvas. Mix a cleaning solution. Use a mild detergent mixed with water as a cleaning solution. A gentle body soap, dishwashing soap, or a small amount of laundry detergent are all good options
  • Country of Origin: China

Product Disclaimer

Handbag Terms:

Baguette: A small handbag that is long and narrow like the French loaf of bread by the same name.

Bottom feet: Metal or plastic knobs on the bottom of a stiff-sided handbag. These protect the bag when it is set down.

Box bag: A small or medium-sized handbag with hard sides and a box shape.

Bracelet handle: A handle that forms a complete circle.

Bucket bag: A soft-sided, bucket-shaped handbag with a round bottom; usually taller than wide.

Clutch: A small handbag that is carried in the hand with no straps or handles; it also may be tucked under the arm.

Drawstring: A cord, strip of leather or fabric, or string that can be pulled to gather the fabric of a handbag to close it.

Flap bag: A handbag with a fold-over flap that is its distinguishing feature.

Gusset: The triangular end piece of a handbag that gives it its depth and roominess.

Half moon bag: A bag shaped like a half moon, with or without a handle.

Handle Drop: The distance between the top of the handbag and the top of the handle(s). This is the open space for your shoulder, arm, or hand to hold the bag.

Hobo bag: A slouchy, cloth shoulder bag that hangs down in the middle.

Messenger bag: A large bag with a long strap to wear across the shoulders. The front features a large fold-over flap.

Satchel: A large handbag with a top closure, top carrying handle and notable triangular side profile.

Sling bag: A cloth bag with a shoulder strap that attaches on one end to the top of the bag and on the other end to the bottom of the bag.

Shoulder guard: A piece of fabric or padding on a shoulder strap that distributes the weight of a bag.

Slouch bag: A general term for a cloth bag without a defined or stiff shape.

Top-handle bag: A bag with a small handle at the top for carrying in the hand.

Tote (shopper) bag: A large bag with two handles and an open top.

Wallet (billfold): A folding pocketbook with compartments for money, cards and personal items.