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This Coffee Maker Pretend Kitchen Toy Set by Hey! Play! gives your child a fun and imaginative way to simulate a full coffee shop experience to espress' themselves! This charming kitchen set has everything your little barista needs for a pretend play coffee bar, including cups, a serving tray, and more. Your child can create make-believe cappuccinos, espressos, and more using the modeled single-serve design!

You can practically smell the bold and delicious roasted beans with this pretend coffee maker. The top lid lifts for pods to be deposited- just like you'd do when brewing a real cup of coffee in a one-cup maker or an espresso machine. 

Pretend Coffee Maker Details

  • Simulates a coffee shop experience
  • Fun & imaginative
  • Share a morning cup of coffee with your child
  • For ages 3+
  • Made in China

What's Included

  • Coffee maker
  • Water reservoir
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Spoons
  • Sugar bowl & spoon
  • Creamer container
  • Pods


  • 18" x 14" x 4-1/2"