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The new cleaning tool designed to get dust out of every nook and cranny. This universal vacuum attachment fits any vacuum and is unlike any attachment you've ever owned. The secret is dozens of individual suction tubes, they are flexible and can get anywhere that dust hides! Each suction tube sweeps and vacuums away dust from delicate objects to hard-to-reach corners, edges and grooves. It gets into even the tiniest cracks and crevices.


  • Dozens of flexible, tiny suction tubes that can go nearly anywhere dust hides
  • Dust around tiny objects without removing them first
  • Perfect for air vents, keyboards, drawers and the car
  • Perfect for cleaning around fragile objects!
  • Get rid of all the dust you couldn't reach before
  • Works with all vacuums


  • Accessories/Packaging Includes: DUST DADDY DELUXE PRO 2 PACK
  • Length: 18in.
  • Width: 1.6in.
  • Height: 1.6in.
  • Weight: 0.33lbs.
  • Country of Origin: China

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