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Add a symphony of Asian-inspired beauty to your home or garden with this pagoda sculpture. Complete with a brushed finish, its traditional tiers come to life with hand-painted verdigris bronze detail as it creates a focal point anywhere you place it. Intricately crafted, it exudes tradition and honors the culture among your flora and fauna.

Sculpture Details

  • Material: Resin 
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Dimensions: 27-1/2"H x 7"W x 7"D
  • Weight: 10.52 lbs
  • Collection: Laura McKenzie
  • Country of Origin: China

Please note: The rich verdigris bronze finish is applied by hand. Variations will exist from one piece to another. Statues with designs that may retain or collect water should be covered or stored. They are also susceptible to damage by the effects of ice and wind. If they do not seem securely placed, lower them from their pedestals early in the winter. In windy cities, statues on terraces should be secured to permanent structures. Painted items, like some of our gargoyles or animals, should be allowed to winter in a covered area. (We don't want the poor guys to get frostbitten.) We strongly suggest that all portable statues be taken indoors in extremely inclement weather and freezing temperatures. Please remember, while resin and cast stone are strong and durable, nature can be stronger. A little maintenance and care will keep your statuary investments beautiful for years to come.