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It's grilling season at your place! From burgers to vegetables, this portable charcoal grill is just what you need to whip up a delicious meal. Featuring multiple grill selections, you can safely barbeque on stainless steel, a pig iron or a nonstick plate. Bring it to your next picnic, family gathering or use it in your home. No matter where you go or what you cook, you're sure to feel like a professional griller!


  • Safely barbeque with multiple grill selections: stainless steel, pig iron and non-stick plate
  • The smart turbo fan structure instantly activates
  • Unique charcoal box design: helps limit fats and seasonings from dripping into the charcoal fire, reducing the generation of heavy smoke
  • Portable grill stove: makes it convenient to carry, transport and store
  • All the parts are easy to clean and wash
  • Battery operated: 4 AA batteries
  • Easy to assemble - no tools required

Additional Information

  • Battery Type: AA
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Important Precautions: 1. Use the product in a space with sufficient ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning caused by incomplete charcoal burning. 2. Brush the grill tray with oil before each use.

How to Use:

  • Install 4 x AA batteries in the battery chamber located under the product's base.
  • Fill the Charcoal Box with enough charcoal.
  • Place solid fuel tablets in the Ignition Plate filling its circular shape.
  • Light the solid fuel tablets. (not included)
  • Put the Charcoal Box over the Ignition Plate.
  • Turn on the fan and adjust the wind speed with the Wind Speed Switch.
  • Place the Grill Tray on the top.

View instructions here.

View packaging information here.

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