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Here it is - a solution to one of the most common bra problems! The Bra Bridge attaches to both cups of your bra and pulls your breasts inward, creating a slimmer, more flattering look. It helps diminish drifting to the sides and reduces excess bouncing and sagging. Simply clip the cups together for discreet, flattering support. You are getting two packs of Bra Bridges, each containing black, white and nude/beige clips to match your everyday bras.

Bra Bridge Set Includes

  • Two black bra clips
  • Two white bra clips
  • Two nude/beige bra clips

Bra Bridge Details

  • Material Content: Polyester bands and nickel alloy clips
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean; hand wash if necessary
  • Country of Origin: China

See How to Use tab for more information.

Please note: Recommended for size C minimum. Results may vary depending on your breast size and shape, your bra type and fit, and where you position the Bra Bridge along the edge of your cups.

How to Use 

Attach one clip to the inner edge of one cup at the desired location and the second clip to the inner edge of the other cup. Look in the mirror. If you want more support and cleavage, release the clips' position upward on the cups' edges. If you want less support, release and adjust the clips' position downward along the cups' edges. For a more discreet look with tighter tops, you can secure the clips bottom side out on your bra.