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Brush up with BoKU! This Smile tooth powder cleans teeth and gums, plus freshens without fluoride. This effervescent tooth powder combines baking soda, sea salt and mint for super clean teeth and long lasting freshness.

Tooth Powder Benefits

  • SMILE is a tooth powder that helps clean and brighten teeth
  • Mint flavor
  • Can be used in place toothpaste
  • Fluoride free/Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free
  • No unnecessary chemicals
  • Up to 200 servings per bottle (approx.)
  • Effervescent - Cleans teeth and leaves your mouth feeling fresh
  • Essential Oils, Baking Soda, and Sea Salt - Leaves your mouth fresh.
  • Probiotics - Helps promote clean teeth
  • Formulated in USA

Please see the Usage & Ingredients tab for how to use and ingredient information.


About the Expert
Reno Rolle is an entrepreneur, consumer product designer, and direct response marketer. He is a two-time Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year Nominee and award winning inventor for products such as BōKU Superfood, the Rollé Blanket, and the Spin Fryer.

Reno is currently chairman of the organic and nutrition superfood company BōKU International, which he co-founded with his wife Lynn Rollé. The whole Rolle family live the lifestyle they preach.

Reno RolleAbout the Collection
Started in 2008, BoKU Superfoods brings organic superfood products directly from Ojai, California, the Mecca of organic wellness lifestyles.. The Award-winning blend of 55 superfoods and plant-based protein powders is doctor-formulated and doctor-approved to enhance your life. The phtyonutrients in BoKU powders and healthy snacks make it easy to protect yourself against harmful free radicals and support your immune system. The farm to you blend powders are all certified organic kosher and vegan. Boku works with organic and bidoynamic farms aorund the globe to ensure the highest of standards.

How To Use

Use as you would use any other toothpaste (we recommend 2-3 times daily), and feel it cleanse your mouth more thoroughly than ever before! Apply to a moistened toothbrush and brush as usual!

Please note: If pregnant or nursing, please consult you healthcare practitioner before taking this product or any other dietary supplement.

Average Days of Supply: 100-200 days.


Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Tartaric Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Magnesium Carbonate, Sea Salt, Hydrated Silica, Spearmint Oil, Anise Oil, Myrrh Resin Extract, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurtate, Zinc Gluconate, Frankincense, Monk Fruit Powder, Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate, Streptococcus Salivarius (Oral Probiotic).