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Usher in a new era of culinary confidence and convenience with this touch screen induction stove top! It's ideal for quickly cooking and reheating in conjunction with induction ready cookware, while the sleek and modern design is right at home in your home.


  • Induction stove top

Induction Stove Top Features

  • 10 Temperature settings
  • Non-skid feet for stable cooking
  • Heats quickly and without waste heat

Additional Information

  • Materials: Tempered glass
  • Power: 1600W / 120V / 60Hz
  • Country of Origin: China


  • One-year limited warranty. Please call 800-426-2168.

Please Note: Induction cooking devices require the use of either induction-compatible cookware or an induction disk. See the What Is Induction Cooking? tab for care information.


  • 13-1/5" x 11-7/10" x 2-1/2"

Care Instructions

  • Unplug and allow to cool before cleaning.
  • Wipe with damp cloth.


  • 19-3/5" x 16-1/3" x 7-1/10"

Care Instructions

  • Let unit cool completely before cleaning.
  • Wipe with damp cloth.

What Is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking uses magnetic induction to transfer heat. This is compared to traditional cooking, where a flame (gas stovetops) or electrical current (electric stovetops) provides the heat to a burner.

Why Use Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking transfers heat directly to an induction-ready pot or pan, which is more efficient and produces less wasted heat. It also means you can control the temperature more precisely while cooking.

Can I Use My Own Cookware for Induction Cooking?

If you purchased "induction ready" cookware, then yes! You can look for an "Induction" symbol on the manual included with your cookware, or even on the cookware itself. The symbol looks like a line of "teardrops" or ovals.

Induction cooking requires a magnetic reaction to work - basically, a certain amount of iron has to be present in the material out of which your cookware is made. This means cast iron cookware works with induction cookers, as will magnetic stainless steel cookware. Not all stainless steel cookware has enough iron to produce the magnetic reaction, however, nor does cookware made from copper, glass or aluminum.

Some manufacturers build their copper, aluminum or stainless steel cookware with an induction disk - this means that you'll have the look and cooking qualities of the material, but can still use them with induction cooking.

How Can I Tell If My Cookware Will Work with Induction Cooking?

If a test magnet was included with your induction cooker, you can use that to determine if a particular piece of cookware will work with induction cooking. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware, there's enough magnetic potential for induction cooking.

What If None of My Cookware Works with Induction Cooking?

You can purchase an induction disk, which you place between your induction cooker and your cookware. The induction disk will have a magnetic reaction with the induction cooker and heat up, similarly to a burner or hotplate. Your cookware will then draw heat from the disk.

Note that using an induction disk allows you to use your induction cooker with cookware that's not induction compatible, but won't transfer heat as quickly, efficiently or precisely as using induction compatible cookware.