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Maintain the effectiveness of your Active Argan Anti-Aging Radiant Skin Kit with replacement heads designed to dramatically improve the results. The AAC Enhancement Wand brush heads gently polish the surface layer of the skin to promote normal skin cell turnover. Three unique brushes allow for customization and improved absorption of Active Argan serums and creams, helping to increase product benefits and reveal a bouncy, youthful and radiant-looking complexion.

Replacement Brush Head Collection Includes

  • One Exfoliating Brush Head
  • One Silicone Brush Head
  • One Sponge Head

Replacement Brush Head Collection Benefits

Exfoliating Brush Head:

  • Deep cleans pores and exfoliates away dead skin
  • Helps diminish the look of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and brightens the skin's appearance
  • Preps skin for topical skincare applications, helps increase absorption and effectiveness
  • Round brush with bristles
  • Made in China

Silicone Brush Head:

  • Elastic, silicone brush, gently cleans
  • Good for sensitive skin or for first use when adapting skin to gentle, anti-aging exfoliation
  • Provides stimulating massage to promote healthy-looking skin
  • Round brush with little silicone bits
  • Made in China

Sponge Head:

  • Gently massages products onto the skin's top layer to activate and enhance its ability to absorb products
  • Helps nourish and energize the skin's appearance to provide a natural-looking luster and improve overall radiance
  • Improves the look of skin elasticity, fine lines and dark spots
  • Round sponge head
  • Made in China

Please see the Usage & Ingredients tab for how to use and ingredient information.

What is Active Argan Complex?

The patented, Activated Argan Complex uses breakthrough technology to combine Ozone and Medical Grade Oxygen with 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed Argan Oil, exponentially elevating its natural benefits. The combination of ozone and oxygen create a new molecule called an "Ozonide," which preserves the nurturing properties of the Argan Oil and adds new anti-aging properties to the formulation. Clinical tests show that the Activated Argan Complex increases skin hydration and improves elasticity. Collagen and Elastin appear optimized - all functions which help fight visible signs of aging and bring back skin's natural, youthful appearance.

More About Active Argan:

All Active Argan formulas are free of parabens, petroleum/petrolatum, mineral oil, ethanol, phthalates and artificial colors. All formulas are dermatologically tested and are not tested on animals. Now you have a way to take care of your skin guilt-free!

For questions about product, please contact the Active Argan Customer Support line: 1-866-288-7134.

About the Collection
Discover your best, most supple, radiant and youthful-looking self with Active Argan. Developed to unlock argan oil's true potential, Active Argan is a revolutionary, age-defying, head-to-toe beauty collection featuring the world’s first, patent Activated Argan Complex. Made at one of Italy’s most prestigious and innovative cosmetics laboratories, Active Argan is available exclusively at ShopHQ.

Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and other anti-aging properties, argan oil has been used for centuries for its naturally nurturing abilities. Combining it with advanced dermatological technology, Active Argan preserves the oil’s properties while allowing it to work harder and longer. The secret is the Activated Argan Complex, a proprietary technology that combines ozone, medical-grade oxygen and 100% pure, organic and cold-pressed argan oil to boost skin hydration and improve elasticity.

Anti-age gracefully with the power of Active Argan.

Morgen SchickAbout the Expert
Author, Model, Mother, and Make-up artist - Morgen Schick is a beauty authority and passionate advocate of clean skincare ingredients and industry transparency. She joined forces with Active Argan after experiencing the patent-pending technology first-hand. Captivated by the transformative benefits and Argan's emphasis on building skin integrity and lasting results, she turned her passion into a mission - making real skin change a reality for all.

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How To Use

View How to Use Instructions here for more information.

Average Days of Supply: 1-3 months.

Cautions & Warnings

The Active Argan AAC Enhancement Wand device (NOT INCLUDED) can be used on most skin types, however if you have a skin condition, please consult a doctor or skin specialist prior to use. It is not recommended to use the device if you have very sensitive skin, sunburn, skin allergies, open wounds, lesions on recent scar tissue following surgery or are taking any medications that can cause skin sensitivity. If any of these conditions apply to you, please consult your healthcare professional before using this device. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor or skin specialist. Remove contact lenses, false eyelashes and jewelry before use. Do not use on open eyes. Do not use with products that deteriorate or dissolve silicone. Do not share the device with others to ensure proper hygiene. Do not hold the device on one area for extended periods of time. Do not allow hair to tangle in device. Store in cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Do not attempt to disassemble the device. Always unplug device from power supply before use. Do not reach for a device that has fallen into water while device is plugged into power supply. Unplug immediately. Do not use on young children. For external use only.  


Exfoliating Brush Head: ABS Bristle.

Silicone Brush Head: Sponge.

Sponge Head: Silicone.