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Lavandula's are short, shrubby herbs with aromatic foliage. They're excellent for fresh cut or dried flowers. 'Platinum Blonde' is sure to make a statement in your container or garden with it's variegated foliage. The twist on an old fashioned plant, Lavender angustifolia 'Platinum Blonde' is hardy to zone 5, and with added winter protection, might survive colder climates.

Flowers Included

  • 3 'Platinum Blonde' Variegated Lavender

 'Platinum Blonde' Variegated Lavender Features

  • Easy to grow
  • Low maintenance
  • Strongly fragrant

 'Platinum Blonde' Variegated Lavender Details

  • Name: Lavandula angustifolia 'Platinum Blonde' pp23834
  • Plant Type: Perennial - Zones 5-9; Annual - Zones 4 or lower
  • Plant Form: 3" Bareroot Plug
  • Where to Plant: Containers, as edging, and in rock gardens
  • Planting Depth: Dig a hole slightly deeper than the plug/root ball and 2-3 times as wide - back fill hole with soil
  • Planting Distance: 2 ft.
  • Required Soil Type/Condition: They perform best in a well-drained neutral soil. If your soil is heavily compacted or clay it is best to amend you soil first by adding compost or organic matter.
  • Watering Needs: 1 to 2 times per week if less than 1" of nature rain water. Moisture levels are important during plant's first year.
  • Fertilizing Needs: Lavender's are typically light feeders - a slow release fertilizer could be added to soil when planting or in early spring
  • Sun/Shade Needs: Full sun
  • Bloom Period: Mid-late Summer
  • Maturity Period: 2 years
  • Maximum Pre-planting Shelf Life: Not indefinite; recommended to plant as soon as possible
  • Winterizing Instructions: In late fall/early winter prune back the season's new growth by 2/3rds of the stem length. Don't cut into a lot of the old wood. If you typically don't get reliable snow cover, cover with straw or dry leaves - remove the protection in Spring.
  • Poisonous to People or Pets? Non toxic to humans, cats and dogs. However, if it is eaten, has the potential to cause some mild stomach upset (i.e. cramping, vomiting, diarrhea). If cat or dog is showing symptoms call your local veterinarian or ASPCA 888-426-4435.
  • Grown in the USA


  • Bloomacre Farms supplies the customer with a replacement plant for up to one year for perennials and 90 days for annuals. For warranty information, please call 1-888-857-7380.

Please note: This item cannot ship to AK, HI, PR, VI or Guam for hardiness zone restrictions. Item ships at the appropriate time for planting in your area. View hardiness zone map and corresponding shipment date per zone.