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Create some cohesion in your kitchen with Dann Foley Décor. In your choice of color and style, the Lumina set of four glasses serves all the drinks with casual, contemporary flair. Whether you’re stocking your at-home bar or just want an unexpected addition for your glasses cupboard, this set fits the bill – and has a fun embossed texture, too.

Glasses Choices

  • Four Double Old Fashioned glasses
  • Four Goblets
  • Four Highball glasses

Glasses Details

  • Material: Glass crystal 
  • Finish: Embossed
  • Dimensions:
  • Double Old Fashioned: 4"H x 3-1/4" diameter
  • Goblet: 6-1/4"H x 3-1/2" diameter
  • Highball: 5"H x 3-1/4" diameter
  • Capacity:
  • Double Old Fashioned: 8 oz
  • Goblet: 10 oz
  • Highball: 12 oz
  • Care: Hand wash with warm soapy water and hand dry with soft cloth. Never use any type of abrasive detergent as this will dull the luster of the crystal.  
  • Collection: Dann Foley Décor
  • Country of Origin: China

Wine Glass Types

Red Wine Glass: A red wine glass displays a fuller, rounder bowl than most glasses. This allows you to dip your nose into the glass to experience the wine's aroma. The bulbous setting of the glass allows the bouquet to aerate and develop while the longer stem provides the ability to swish the glass.

White Wine Glass: These glasses showcase more of a U-shape than red wine glasses. This allows a more concentrated aroma (whites are often not as pungent as reds) while also maintaining cool temperature.

Sparkling Wine Glass: The sparkling wine glass is most commonly known as a flute. This is because of its long, thin shape. This shaping helps the wine retain its carbonation and preserve flavoring.

Dessert Wine Glass: The dessert wine glass is the smallest type. Its short stem and glass are contrasted with a wide bouquet. Dessert wines have the highest concentration of alcohol, making their short stature a necessity. Finally, the wide bouquet allows the wine to aerate and develop properly overtime.