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No need to raise your sword and shield – simply hang this mirror on the wall and you’re covered. Fantasy stories aside, we’re in love with the shape of this mirror. In your choice of two sizes, you can pick the shape you like best and hang it on your wall for everyone to see. Raise the portcullis and be ready to welcome friends and family into your own, personal castle! Glance in the mirror, adjust your crown and you’re ready.

Mirror Details

  • Material: MDF and mirror glass
  • Dimensions:
    23-1/2" x 20": 23-1/2"H x 20"W x 1" diameter
    12" x 20": 20"H x 12"W x 1" diameter
  • Weight:
    23-1/2" x 20": 5.30 lbs
    12" x 20": 2.24 lbs
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Country of Origin: China

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