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Sleek style for day or night! Designed in black stainless steel, this elastic stretchy bracelet offers a shiny finish that's sure to impress. Wear it stacked with your Apple® watch or alone for a look that's just as cool.

  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Measurements:
    Small/Medium: 2" / 50 mm in diameter
    Medium/Large: 2-1/2" / 64mm in diameter
  • Chain Type: Elastic Stretch
  • Collection: Rilee & Lo
  • Country of Origin: China

Warranty: Limited 30-Day provided by vendor. Please contact 949-228-8774.

UPC Black: 888462079525
UPC Lavender: 888462670869
UPC White: 888462079488
About Stainless Steel:

Also called corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel is a steel alloy with added iron and chromium. The metal is rust-resistant, durable and highly lustrous. It has a similar appearance to platinum and polishes to a glistening sheen. Any scratches that may occur from day to day wear can be easily buffed away without endangering the piece. Please note, however, if the stainless steel is plated with another metal, the plating can wear off if rubbed excessively against hard surfaces.

Stainless steel was first recognized in France in 1821 by metallurgist Pierre Berthier. After several corrosion-resistance related discoveries and patents in Europe and the United States, Harry Brearley in England discovered a modern blend of stainless steel alloy. When it was announced by The New York Times in January of 1915, he was officially credited with the invention of this impressive modern metal.

Strap Sizes:

  • Width - Measured where the strap meets the case
  • Length - Measured end to end, including the case, but not the buckle/closure
  • Alligator Straps:
    Alligator is the crème de la crème hide of the crocodilian species. Found in southern parts of the United States and in areas of China, alligators have a hide that is supple, durable and typically softer than crocodile. While its top hide is extremely tough and virtually impenetrable, the alligator's belly offers softer, pliable leather. It is easily recognized for its unique scaled texture and elegant feel. Alligators have scales that are relatively flat with a few wrinkles around the edge. If you see many lines or dots in the scales, or notice a drastic change in the adjacency of scales, you are probably looking at caiman hide, a crocodilian counterpart. Every alligator skin is different which means that no two leathers will ever be identical. Alligator leather is often dyed and easily cleaned with a damp washcloth.

    Crocodile Straps:
    Crocodiles possess a sensory organ on each of their scales that allows them to live in both fresh and salt water. This sensory receptor explains why their hides display a small dot on each scale and allows us to decipher them from alligators. Crocodile hide is also notably lighter in color than its alligator counterpart. Today, crocodiles are bred and harvested for both their skin and meat, so little goes to waste. Their hide is waterproof, easy to clean and holds its gloss beautifully over time.

    Leather Straps:
    Commonly acquired from cattle, leather is animal skin that is typically a byproduct of the nation's meat industry. Animals such as bison, deer, elk, moose, pigs, goats, rabbits, sheep and caribou can also be used. Once the skin is removed from the animal, it is quickly preserved in salt. It is then cleaned, put into a chilling machine to lower the hide's temperature, and tanned to prevent deterioration. Upon completion of this process, the leather is ready to be made into retail items. Leather goods are strong, flexible, supple and long lasting.

    Lizard Straps:
    Lizard skin is comprised of small, glossy scales in a variety of colors. It is durable and will remain so if treated properly. To keep your lizard skin looking its best, you should first determine which direction the scales move. When running your hands over the scales, it should feel smooth. Be careful to avoid running them in the opposite direction, as you'll give them an unattractive, flaking quality. For this reason, when applying conditioners, do so with the grain of the scales. Lizard hide is tough by nature and it will remain in good condition for many years with minimal maintenance.

    Ostrich Straps:
    Redeemed for its exceptionally supple, slightly oily coat, premium ostrich leather is a true luxury. Its distinct appearance comes from thick quill pattern that covers half its body. Because the tanning process is so tedious and difficult, it requires great patience to cure a flawless ostrich hide. The ideal texture is smooth, soft, consistent in thickness and free from holes. Even color and finish are important indications of a good hide. Generally farm raised in places like South Africa, ostrich skin uniquely gets softer as time passes. Durable, resilient, pliable, breathable and yet naturally waterproof, ostrich hide upholds an opulent, exotic appearance and is an increasingly desirable leather used in high-end fashion houses.

    Rubber Straps:
    Originally harvested by the Aztecs and Mayans thousands of years ago, natural rubber comes from the sap of wild rubber trees native to Central and South America. It is collected manually by tapping, or cutting into their bark, to free the white sap known as latex. The latex is then shipped to factories where machines make it into everyday products. Highly valued for being waterproof, polyurethane rubber is an exceptionally strong form that conveniently absorbs color. It withstands abrasive environmental forces and is UV resistant, thus making it ideal for watches that will see a variety of surroundings.

    Sharkskin Leather Straps:
    Distinguished by its distinct texture and durability, sharkskin leather is usually dyed to highlight the round, closely-set pattern of textured scales. Each leather is completely unique with variations resulting from the age, species and size of the shark. As one of the strongest yet flexible leathers known to man, it is perfect for everyday items that experience continuous wear and tear.

    Snakeskin Straps:
    Whether anaconda, cobra, sea snake or python, snakeskin is all the rage when it comes to accessories. Due to the vast variety used, their unique textures and patterns vary greatly. Snakes have more visible scales than lizards. Their scales are comprised of keratin, just like human fingernails, and protect the skin, prevent water loss and enable the snake to move fluidly. When touching or treating snakeskin goods, be sure to run your hands in the direction of the scale's grain to prevent flaking.

    Stingray Straps:
    Stingray skin is amazingly durable and easily resists fire, water, puncturing and ripping. Centuries ago, the stingray was thought to possess great strength and its power was believed to be transmitted to anyone who touched it. Thus, Egyptian artisans created armor and other goods from the skin. Elite Japanese Samurai warriors even used durable stingray leather for the handles of their swords. A genuine stingray hide is extremely durable, shines in the light, and has a rough, yet glistening bead texture.

    See & Touch
    Not your average touchscreen, the Retina display on the Apple Watch features Force Touch which is the next great advancement in touch technology and allows WatchOS to distinguish between a tap and a press. You'll access different menus and issue different commands simply by changing the way you touch the screen. When matched up with the innovative Digital Crown, navigation and selection has never been easier on a watch.

    Hear & Feel
    Notifications don't have to be like a marching band playing in your face or fireworks exploding on your wrist. In fact, discreet just makes more sense. Not everything is an emergency. With that in mind, Apple added technology that gives you a simple tap on the wrist to notify you of calls, texts, calendar events and lots of other things. You can add an audio component too if that's your thing. No judgment.

    One Last Thing
    Sorry, ran out of space earlier but I wanted to mention this, you can use the built-in speaker and microphone on the Apple Watch to have quick chats right on your wrist. Transfer the calls from your Apple Watch to your iPhone when you want to talk longer. That's super cool. You can even mute the call by simply covering the watch dial. What?!?!

    What's Included
    • Apple Touchscreen 38mm Sport Band Smart Watch
    • S/M Apple Sport Band
    • M/L Apple Sport Band
    • Magnetic Charging Cable
    • AC Adapter
    • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    • Non-Apple Black Leather Strap
    • Non-Apple Dark Blue Leather Strap
    • Non-Apple Silver-tone Metal Milanese Loop Band
    • Quick Start Guide

    • Case Dimensions: 39mm L x 33mm W
    • Case Thickness: 12mm
    • (S/M) Apple Strap Dimensions: 9"L x 32mm W
    • (M/L) Apple Strap Dimensions: 10"L x 32mm W
    • (S/M) Maximum Wrist Size: 7"
    • (M/L) Maximum Wrist Size: 8"
    • Weight: 2 oz

    Made in China

    Apple Watch Warranty: One-year limited warranty provided by Apple. For warranty support, please call: 1-800-692-7753.

    Please Note: Make sure to check for instructions, warranty information and band in the included slim box. Keep away from long exposure to water and excessive heat. Clean with a damp cloth.