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Do you have any oil or grease based stains from something like salad dressing or olive oil? Boy, do we have the stuff for you. Spot Stuff helps remove these types of stains using environmentally safe, non-wet product. It can even be used on both new and old washed and dried oil and grease based stains. Old washed and dried stains usually end up in the trash so it's better for the environment if you can take the spots out instead of throwing them out.

The Essentials
  • Dry spot removal product - no wet marks on fabric
  • Non-Toxic - safe to use and kind to the environment
  • Portable - small convenient package makes it easy to use anywhere - home, purse, pocket, car, boat, office or traveling
What's Included
  • 30 Spot Stuff packages

How to Use: Apply a very small amount of Spot Stuff, which is a dry powder spot remover can be applied to oil or grease based stains. It can be used on both new stains and old stains that have already been washed and dried. Package insert gives full directions / information.

Made in the USA.