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Have you ever found a slow cooker that can steam your meals too? Or for that matter, a slow cooker that you can use as a stove top and an oven? No? Well, we thought so too and that's why we have this absolutely brilliant multi cooking system from our very own Paula Deen! In her own words: "My new multi cooker is the easiest way to prepare quick and healthy dinners after a long day of working, looking after the kids, or running errands, and you’ll love the easy cleanup, too!" Now, that testimonial is good enough for me and we are sure for you too once you have discovered the goodness of this appliance yourself.

From roasting and warming to steam, slow, and stovetop cooking, this multi cooker can do it all. The interior pot features that superior Whitford ceramic nonstick coating for quick release of food as well as easy clean up while lovely seven colors including sage and cajun red will enhance your kitchen decor. You are busy and life is crazy so, your cooking shouldn't be crazy busy too. Reach out for this wonderful appliance and get cookin' faster. Make sure to check out Paula Deen's recipes included with your cooker!

Color Choices:
  • Cajun Red - Lava red
  • Copper - Light sienna brown
  • Cranberry - Bordeaux
  • Eggplant - Eggplant
  • Savannah Blue - Cobalt blue
  • Sage - Sage
  • Silver - Light grey

  • Main Unit
  • Inner Pot
  • Glass Lid
  • Instruction and Recipe Booklet

Check out the Instruction & Recipe Booklet for more information and ideas.

  • Versatile all-in-1 appliance - steam, slow cook, stovetop, oven (bake/roast). Anything you can do on a stove top or an oven you can do in this multi cooker – all of your cooking needs simplified in a single unit
  • Fast and convenient one pot cooking
  • Perfect for family dinners and great for holiday entertaining as buffet server
  • Beautiful design with polished stainless steel finish on exterior and riveted solid chrome handles
  • 6 qt removable PFOA/PTFE free Whitford color ceramic nonstick cooking pot - holds up to a whole chicken or roast!
  • Features seven pre-programmed cooking functions:
    4 cooking functions: stovetop, oven, steam and slow cooking bring one-pot multi-cooking to a whole new level for endless meal creations that are quick and easy to prepare
    Now you can sear and sauté right in the bottom of the pot using the stovetop settings before slow cooking - it’s like having a stovetop built right into your oven!
  • Easy Operation – Large, easy to read control panel with LED digital display and two control knobs to select pre-programmed functions & time/temperature
  • Dual wall design on inner pot retains heat longer and insulates for a cool touch exterior
  • Three Heating Elements – Contact heat from the bottom and direct heat from both sides means foods cook with a delicious golden brown crust
  • Steam Function: Heated steam penetrates food quickly keeping natural juices and flavors inside while cooking food evenly. Add broth or wine for a sensational flavor infusion!
  • Stay cool cast stainless steel handles on lid and sides designed by Paula to resemble her antique silver serving dishes
  • Auto Warm: Automatically switches to this mode when cooking cycle finishes

Additional Information:
  • Dimensions: 8-1/4"H x 20-1/2"W x 12-1/4"D - 7.7 lbs
  • Capacity: 6.0 qt
  • Material: Stainless steel body with polished finish; glass lid; aluminum inner pot
  • Power: 1350W / 120V / 60Hz; ETL listed; 34" power cord
  • Warranty: Limited one-year manufacturer's warranty. Please call 312-526-3760.
  • Country of Origin: China

Please see the Care Instructions tab for important care information.

Model Number
Model Number Cajun Red: PDMC6R
Model Number Copper: PDMC6C
Model Number Cranberry: PDMC6CY
Model Number Eggplant: PDMC6E
Model Number Sage: PDMC6G
Model Number Savannah Blue: PDMC6B
Model Number Silver: PDMC6S
Care Instructions:
  • Clean after every use.
  • Switch the multi-cooker to the "OFF" position, unplug and allow to cool completely.
  • Wash inner pot and lid in hot water with dish liquid. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Wipe the external surface of the multi-cooker with a soft damp cloth and dry surfaces with soft dry cloth.
  • Do not use detergent or abrasives as these may scratch the coating.

Note: Never immerse or place water inside the multi-cooker housing in water.