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A healthy way to cook and savor! The new you will love Cuisinart's CookFresh Digital Glass Steamer. Healthy cooking is today's biggest trend and this new glass steamer from Cuisinart makes it quick and easy. A powerful steam system delivers steam from the top down, surrounding food to cook quickly and evenly. The 5-liter glass cooking pot is large enough for family-size portions of vegetables, fish, chicken, rice and more. And the steamer's 1-liter water tank conveniently lifts off to fill and refill.

  • Base
  • 5-liter glass steaming pot
  • 1-liter removable water tank
  • Reversible stainless steel steaming tray
  • Glass Lid with Stainless Steel Rim
Additional Information:
  • Dimensions: 17-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 10" - 15.5 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic
  • Warranty: Limited four-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of original purchase. Please call 1-800-726-0190 or write to Cuisinart, 7811 North Glen Harbor Blvd. Glendale, AZ-85307.
  • Country of Origin: China
Care Instructions:
  • Wash all parts except the steamer base in warm, soapy water; rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • The steaming pot, tray and lid can also be cleaned on the top rack of a dishwasher.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach or abrasive cleaners on any part of the steamer.
  • Never put the steamer base in dishwasher or immerse it in water.
  • The base can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove residue.
  • To clean the inner area of the steamer base where the steaming pot sits, sprinkle a clean, damp sponge with a teaspoon of baking soda, and wipe carefully.
  • Wipe again with a clean, damp sponge.
  • Empty Water Release Drain over a kitchen sink before storing the unit.
  • The Water Release Drain is located below the Water Reservoir on back of unit.
Model Number
Model Number STM-1000