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This soothing and cool jade facial roller assists in rolling out the appearance of fine lines on your face and neck and relaxing any visible stress you may have in the facial area. This at-home spa treatment helps revitalize your skin, helping you reclaim your skin's relaxed and radiant state. Using it daily helps towards a rejuvenated appearance.

Jade Facial Roller Benefits

  • Helps relax and massage your face and neck
  • Helps diminish the appearance of facial puffiness
  • Helps visibly plump your face
  • Gives you a hydrated-looking glow and cools off your skin
  • Helps optimize product absorption
  • The cool jade feels amazing on the skin
  • Jade is known in Asia to be a lucky and happy stone
  • Made in the USA

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

How To Use

1. Use a hair tie or band to keep face free of hair. On your clean face use our hydra bloom rose or lavender facial hydrosol mist (not included) to hydrate skin on face and neck.

2. Apply your hydra bloom rose face oil all over neck, décolletage, ears and face, rub the reminder of your oil over your hands and arms. massage product in well for 1-3 minutes.

3. Using the larger roller, gently and slowly roll from your décolletage area upwards over your neck on both sides and the middle.

4. Next, gently roll along your jawline from your chin towards your ears on both sides of your face (do this from below jawline and then above it). Next use roller from the edge of your mouth sweeping upwards along your cheekbones, this assists in visibly plumping your face.

5. Using the smaller roller gently roll from the top sides of your nose under your eyes towards your temples, this helping to de-puff your eye area.

6. Next, roller from your third eye point (between your eyebrows with the smaller roller) roll up towards your hair line, continue doing the whole forehead from the eyebrows to the hair line, next still using the smaller roller, roll on top of your eye brows until you feel fully relaxed and refreshed.

Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water and gentle soap, do not let soak, dry gently and dry then replace it into its cotton bag for your next use.

Please note: Always check with your doctor before usage if a jade roller is suitable for any of your medical conditions.