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Introducing Fresh Feet! The fastest, easiest and safest way to scrub your feet clean in the shower. The secret is in the incredible 11,000 bristles that combined with our pumice stone work together to clean, refresh and revitalize your feet in just seconds! The center bristles will gently scrub and massage your feet, while the stronger bristles on the outside power away stubborn dirt and dry skin.

The contoured design cradles your feet in comfort like a spa treatment right in your own shower. Go from cracked and scaly feet to beautiful and healthy feet with Fresh Feet!

Foot Scrubber Details

  • Easy-to-use
  • Exfoliates your feet
  • Inner & outer bristles
  • Gently massages tender areas of the foot
  • Built-in Pumice stone smooths away rough skin
  • Anti-Microbial bristles
  • Shown to reduce staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella pneumoniae by 99.99% after 24 hours
  • Suction base keeps Fresh Feet secure in tub or shower
  • Materials: 79% TPR Basic, 13% PP Bristle, 1% PP Casing, 3% Pumice Stone, 3% Stainless Steel & 1% String
  • 9-1/2"L x 16"W x 3"H, 1.7 lbs.
  • Made in China


  • Fresh Feet foot scrubber
  • User guide


  1. Place one foot onto a wing as shown. Brace against the shower/tub wall for extra balance. Note: If desired, apply a few drops of Tea Tree Oil Soap sparingly to the moist bristle surface of your foot scrubber.
  2. Scrub your foot against the soft, dark bristles in the center of the unit. Brace against a wall to balance yourself while scrubbing. Do NOT use a shower door or curtain to balance yourself.
  3. You can scrub the outside of your feet and between your toes on the outer bristles.
  4. Scrub the bottom of your feet (or other areas) on the pumice stone to remove calluses or dead skin.


Rinse often during use to remove dead skin and prevent dulling of the stone. Hold the stone under warm, running water until all loose particles wash away. Clean after every use, using a designated toothbrush and dish detergent, to increase the lifespan of the pumice stone.