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Give a boost to your overall health by supplementing your diet with this fantastic four-piece, seven-day, doctor-formulated Cleanse & Refresh kit! It's designed by to detox, cleanse and nourish your body. First, a bottle of VIBE, a liquid supplement that contains a bounty of fruit and vegetables as well as minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, protein and amino acids to help bring essential nutrients into the body.

Complementing VIBE is the muscle-boosting Muscle Aid, the total body cleansing and conditioning Chlorophyll+ and the fiber-packed LifeCleanse, that work together to cleanse multiple body systems. Easy, convenient and gentle to use. Plus you can eat normal healthy foods during the seven days!

7-Day Cleanse & Refresh Kit Includes

  • One bottle of VIBE Whole Body Nutrition Daily Liquid Dietary Supplement - 32 oz
  • One bottle of Muscle Aid Malate Precursor Concentrate - 16 oz
  • One bottle of Chlorophyll+ Liquid Bio-Chlor Complex - 16 oz
  • One jar of LifeCleanse Powder Dietary Supplement - 4.23 oz

7-Day Cleanse & Refresh Kit Benefits

VIBE Liquid Supplement:

  • Fantastic way to fill nutritional gaps for critical and essential nutrients that your body needs
  • Potent antioxidant formula that has 100% or more of the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of the antioxidant nutrients vitamin C and E
  • Antioxidants are man-made or natural substances that help the body fight oxidative stress and support overall health
  • One ounce of VIBE has the:
  • Vitamin C equivalent of 1 Florida orange
  • Calcium equivalent of 25 medium (5 ¼" to 7") spears of asparagus
  • Vitamin A equivalent of 11 medium slices of tomatoes.  
  • Vitamin E equivalent of 71 medium (5" diameter) cantaloupes
  • Riboflavin equivalent of 32 cups of grapes
  • Zinc equivalent of 31 cups of elderberries 
  • Folate equivalent of 12 cups of green beans
  • Gluten-free, vegetarian and no artificial colors or flavors
  • Pleasant berry taste
  • Liquid consistency

Muscle Aid Concentrate:

  • Contains malic acid, which is a precursor to malate, a component needed to produce energy for the cells of the body 
  • Malic acid is used by the muscles of the body and helps support normal muscle health and function. 
  • Doctor formulated
  • Gluten-free
  • Zero sugar
  • Vegan
  • Green apple flavor
  • Liquid consistency

Chlorophyll+ Complex:

  • Chlorophyll is found commonly in plants with green leaves. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends consumption of green leafy fruits and vegetables daily. 
  • Designed to help promote the body's normal conditioning and cleansing processes. 
  • Offers an easy way to get chlorophyll and other specialized nutrients without having to eat a large amount of plant foods 
  • Formulated with a blend of chlorophyll, chicory, l-glutamine, malic acid, and apple and lemon
  • Gluten-free, paraben-free and vegetarian
  • Mild minty flavor
  • Liquid consistency
  • Bottle with twist-off cap

LifeCleanse Powder Supplement:

  • Great source of fiber and herbal supplements which supports normal intestinal cleansing and gentle elimination
  • Supports colon, digestive tract and liver health
  • Helps support liver health
  • Supports a healthy balance in intestinal bacteria
  • Gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and zero sugar
  • Pleasant cinnamon and clove flavor
  • Powder consistency

Manufactured in the USA

Please see the Usage & Ingredients tab for how to use and ingredient information.

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your health professional before starting any dietary supplement regimen or if you are taking any medications or if you are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children.

How To Use

VIBE: Shake well before use. Mix with 8 ounces of liquid. Split dose evenly between am/pm hours. It is normal with extracts and ingredients that some settling may occur. Best if refrigerated upon receipt and after opening. Avoid freezing and heat.  

  • Adults: 1 ounce daily
  • Children 14+: 1 ounce daily
  • Pregnant/Lactating Women: Contact your doctor before use.

Muscle Aid: 1-2 tablespoons daily (15mL) or as needed before and after activity. Mix with 8 ounces of liquid. Shake well before using.

Chlorophyll+: One teaspoon daily (5mL). It is recommended to not exceed three teaspoons daily. Mix with 8 ounces of liquid. Shake well before using.

LifeCleanse: Add three rounded scoops/tablespoons to minimum 8 oz. of liquid. Consume 1 hour after the evening/last meal with plenty of liquid to prevent choking.

Average Days of Supply: 7 days (one week program)


VIBE: Purified water, natural extracts and flavors [May contain: grape, pomegranate, green tea leaf extract, aronia (chokeberry), cranberry, carrot, blueberry, organic stevia leaf extract, oregano, elderberry, acerola, tomato, lime, lemon, apple, blackcurrant, hibiscus (flower), pumpkin, cherry, aloe vera gel, grape seed extract, wolfberry (gojiberry), orange, citrus bioflavonoids, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, açai berry], natural sugars (beet and/or tapioca solids), glycerin (vegetable), magnesium (from magnesium citrate, -malate, -sulfate, -glycerophosphate, and/or -chloride), citric acid, malic acid, potassium (from potassium citrate, -chloride, -iodide, and/or -lactate), ascorbic acid, calcium (from calcium citrate, -malate, -chloride, and/or -glycerophosphate), l-lysine, d-alpha tocopherol acetate (with mixed tocopherols), natural gums (xanthan, guar), l-proline, niacin (from nicotinic acid), zinc (from zinc sulfate, and/or -chloride), d-calcium pantothenate, l-carnitine fumarate, retinyl palmitate, sodium borate, glucosamine hydrochloride (vegetable), manganese (from manganous chloride, and/or -sulfate), cholecalciferol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin phosphate, thiamine hydrochloride, copper (from copper sulfate, and/or -gluconate), d-ribose, l-methylfolate calcium, chromium chloride, biotin, selenium (from sodium selenate, and/or -chloride), methylcobalamin, vanadyl sulfate, coenzyme q10 (ubiquinone). May contain rosemarinic acid.

Muscle Aid: Purified water, malic acid, organic stevia leaf extract, sorbic and/or benzoic acid(s) (protect freshness)

Chlorophyll+: Purified water, chicory inulin, natural flavors (extracts and essential oils), copper chlorophyllin (from mulberry leaf), L-glutamine, malic acid, xanthan gum, sorbic and/or benzoic acid(s) (protect freshness), organic stevia leaf extract

LifeCleanse: Stabilized rice bran fiber complex, cluster bean, dandelion root, cinnamon bark, ginger root, clove, organic stevia leaf extract

Check out the Nutrition Facts for more information.