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Push Notifications - FAQ

What are push notifications?

  • This is a notification will be sent to your mobile device and stored in your Notification Center on iOS device or Notification Drawer on Android.

What type of information will I receive?

  • Push notifications will alert you about ShopHQ promotions and special events.

How do I sign up for push notifications?

  • When opening the ShopHQ app, you will see an "allow/don't allow" message on your device. Select "allow."
  • You can also go to your settings and turn on notifications for the ShopHQ app.

How do I opt out of mobile notifications?

  • To opt out of notifications on your iOS device: go to Settings , select Notifications , select ShopHQ Application . This will bring you to the notification page. Find the Notification Center on/off slider at the top and switch to "off". You can also control on/off for badges and sound on this page.

  • If you would like to opt out of notifications on your Android device: Go to Settings , Application Manager, select ShopHQ App , and deselect notifications.